Who we are

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Great to meet you and thanks for stopping by :)
We're Mise en Health - a community-based organization focused on improving the health & wellness of Ottawa's hospitality workers. As there are many subjects to tackle within this space, it's important that we start with the ones that mean the most to our community. Creating sustainable shifts in the ways we approach health and wellness as an industry starts from within. That's why it's vital we create initiatives and build this organization together!
We know that we are not health experts and cannot diagnose our issues. Instead, we work through discussion groups and conversations in industry channels to identify some common themes. From here, our aim is to partner with professional groups to provide resources in addressing the various problems we face as an industry.
Our long term vision is to be able to provide all-encompassing support. From mental health and addiction resources, to professional development and financial literacy courses. Our ultimate goal is to humanize the social and physical environment of our industry.
If you have any feedback or thoughts you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at miseenhealth@gmail.com. We hope you'll join us in building this community and look forward to connecting with you all 🙌