About Pi


My name is Patricia Ip (or Pattie) and I am Pi! There are many aspects in this site that reflect what my passions are and who I am. But there are also many details about me that may not be so obvious at first glance. 

As a graduate in International Development, my passion for helping people was explored on an academic level through vigorous research and writing. I refined my ability to critically analyze a situation while forming solutions for policy-level problems. However, as I am naturally a creative and social person, I truly missed having the opportunity to form human connections with the people I was working with/for. This was greatly lacking in my available line of work after university, and I often found myself entertaining dreams of being an entrepreneur/non-profit-organization founder instead.

That said, I can't think of a better way to help me realize my dreams than to be a Customer Service Guru and connect with merchants to assist in solving any issues they may have as an entrepreneur using Shopify's ecommerce platform! As someone who would like to own my own business one day, I feel there are invaluable lessons to be learned from working with these merchants while I exercise my creative and social skills. Working with people is what I love to do; working with merchants and entrepreneurs is a bonus!

My extensive work experience in customer service has enabled me to naturally anticipate the needs of my clients and become a resourceful problem solver while being incredibly detail oriented. I am always learning and am enthusiastic about everything I do, I would love for the opportunity to connect with Shopify as a Guru and be a part of the future of business!

Hope we have the chance of getting to know each other better in person :)