Why are we running a Virtual Bartending Competition?

The short answer is that we’d love to highlight local talent while provoking thought in our industry. Building Mise en Health with folks from within is essential for change to happen. As an organization, we'd like to grow with our community!
It’s important for us to note that we are not experts on the topic of alcohol use and are not equipped to support this. But, we hope to share alternative ways of thinking and provide helpful resources along the way.
Rethinking the way we frame drinking in this industry seems like it's long overdue. The way we tend to think about alcohol use can be pretty binary. Good or bad; all or nothing. In reality, we all have limits and needs unique to us.
Each of us experience alcohol use in different ways. So things like our family history, our age when we started, or our mental health can all factor in. And so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work here. - Dr. Mike Evans
Checkout Dr. Mike Evans' insightful perspective on this in his video!
(*Note that updated recommended drinking limits can be found here):

Shifting our mentality towards a more mindful approach allows for greater reflection. This can also help in reducing any judgement or shame when it comes to enjoying our drinks! Increasing awareness of our habits not only benefits how we show up for work, but more importantly, for ourselves.
If you have any thoughts or questions around this initiative, please feel free to reach out to us at miseenhealth@gmail.comIn the meantime, we hope you enjoy the amazing beverages these talented bartenders have created for you! Make sure to vote at @miseenhealth (via our Instagram story) for your favourite drinks on Friday, June 26 :)
To explore your own relationship with drinking, check out these resources: 
*It’s always great to speak to your healthcare provider when learning about this! 

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